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Our Sustainability Goals - Update

London Sustainability

As we go in to Q4 of 2021, we are revisiting our goals as a company for the sustainability of our products and by-product of what we do.

We have committed to achieving the following:

Reducing our use of problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by 50% by the end of 2021 and eliminating it completely by 2022.

Replacing 50% of all single-use plastics with recycled or recyclable plastic by 2022, 100% by 2024.

Ensuring 25% of our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2021, 20% by 2022, and 100% by 2025.

Sorting and recycling all plastic in our office and Portobello Road market stall.


Our comments as of 01/09/2021:


All electric diffuser packaging is recyclable cardboard / paper apart from the plastic sleeves. These sleeves will be replaced by biodegradable sleeves in 2021. Cardboard boxes for the essential oils are recyclable.

Although, the essential oil blend bags are plastic mesh but will be replaced by the end of 2021 / start of 2022 with recycled / recyclable materials. Non-recycled Sellotape is currently used. This will be replaced by the end of 2021/start of 2022.


Essential Oil bottles are now recyclable glass and the labels are recycled paper. Although, the dropper caps are not recycled, these will be replaced by biodegradable or recycled / recyclable dropper caps in 2022.

The Electronic Diffusers are currently made from single-use plastics. In 2022, different materials will be used in the production of our electric diffusers so that they are more environmentally friendly. An electric diffuser is an environmentally friendly home fragrance product as it is low electric usage and re-usable for years.

Office / Stall

Home office work means that no travelling to work is needed. The printer is only used when necessary, this means no returns labels or receipts are in the parcel (only on request).

The stall is accessed by Zipcar, a car sharing service in London that has many electric cars as part of their fleet. Cardboard bags are available for customers with no excess packaging offered. Email receipts only are available to customers.


95% of deliveries (our preferred delivery courier) is with Royal Mail, this is because of ease of walking to the delivery office and its commitment to sustainability. See the infographic of their commitment here.

We believe we are on track to meet our goals sooner than we had committed to, because we see this as a hugely important factor for our business and world. We would love to hear your thoughts on our sustainability commitments, and progress so far!

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